My Family in Hongkong

This trip is a dream come true but it seems that the first out of the country trip with my family turnout to be little bit struggle because this week is the same week, when Lolo was confined in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and the day before our flight (which was scheduled 8 months ahead) he passed away. I’m really confused if we will still go or we will just stay. I have to make a decision, a right decision. After praying, we choose to go, we realized that our presence during the wake will not make any difference for lolo, though our relatives and friends may raised their eyebrows, I don’t care, they will forget about it after some time anyways. Besides, I’ve been there for lolo, even visit him every day when he was confined in San Pedro Doctors Hospital, that what matters most! We enjoyed the trip, but our heart is still  crying for the lost of a loved one, so we decided to re-booked our flight 1 day earlier to say goodbye to lolo.

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