Run and Finish the Race

first 5k run

my life is like my first 5k run experience (Run United sponsored by Unilab). I wanted it, i prepared for it, i offer it to God, i started running with a friend, then i keep on running, and I run alone,  i get tired & thirsty,

i enjoy the run, i pray & told myself i can do this, i should finish the race and finally i hit the finish line and have my winning pose at photovendo (naks naman, ayos ba?).
God placed desires/dreams in our hearts, and most of my dreams has been fulfilled and come true, of course there are still those desires that is yet to come! For each dreams, needs preparation, planning and lots of prayers. We personally prepare for it, but most of the time God prepares us first— in faith & character, when He sees that we’re 100% ready, He will finally give it to us, not because we deserve it, but because He simply wants to, He is a generous God!
In everything we do, let’s do this for God! whether we dream or we do an ordinary task in our life.
Then we started running, we started to live life, as God says “I have come to give you LIFE and have it to the FULL” let’s enjoy the blessings of life…. In life we are blessed with family & friends to run with us, but sometimes they just have to leave and we have to let them go. Sometimes we just have to run alone, so we can learn, so we can grow, until we find ourselves continuously running, sometimes we might thought that we’re running alone, but no we’re not, our God is with us “He will never leave us, nor forsake us”. 
In life we might get tired & thirsty… there would be problems, frustrations, disappointments, broken relationships, loneliness, fears, insecurities, lack and  troubles… We may come to a point that we want to give up because we’re simply tired… we want to give up because don’t  have strength anymore! As we face difficult times we have a choice, we learn, we fight, we push ourselves to the limits or we just simply give up! If we become optimistic and trust God while running, we overcome, strength will be renewed, joy will be restored and mind will be transformed, finding ourselves enjoying the presence of God in our lives! Having a great time with our walk with God, faith level up!
Hope & faith is not merely on myself anymore, but to a faithful and living God – Jesus Christ! a lesser ME and a more of YOU…. Until I finally finish the race, finally my purpose has been fulfilled! A victorious life indeed! A life that brings glory to God… (smile, click!)



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