Sisters Getting A Life

Getting a life… it’s one of our expressions (me & jell), for us sisters, it means enjoying our life to the fullest, getting busy, making everyday a productive & fruitful day, having the best time of our life every single day! which is God’s will! We believe that God came here on  to give us LIFE and have it to the full! We believe that God’s will for us is always good, pleasing & perfect!

Me & jell has never been this close since we’re kids… maybe because we are really different and most of the time we misunderstood each other and ends up quarreling… but God is good, He gives me opportunity to get to know my younger sister “jell”, encourage her and be a blessing to her! And i’m so happy that God is at work with my sis! She’s slowly changing both of us, being more matured and rooted in God’s love! In this season of singleness…. me & jell spend more time together, attend service, dining out, travel, running, aerokaebo, reading books, roadtrips, listening to iPod, dancing, singing out loud (with our chaka voice) going to spa & parlor, chat over coffee, shopping and more! One highlights of our closeness, is when my sister confessed to me, i know it’s hard for her to open up but she did! I’m so glad she did! That night, i thank God, because He humble my sister and ask forgiveness and make me accountable to her! Since then, we constantly remind each other to guard our hearts! We’re never been this close… I think this is one of God’s purpose for both of us to remain single at this moment, God want’s to build a tighter bond between us “sisters”.

I believe that when the season of leaving & cleaving comes to us, me & jell will be ready enough to face this brand new season of our life! God who begun a good work in us, is faithful to complete what He started for me & my sister! My vision, me & jell having our own family, encouraging & strengthening each other together with our beloved “nanay” whose been there for us from birth till forever 🙂

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