The Journey

Everything on earth has its own time and its own season. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Recently, God is dealing with my “patience” which embodied trust, faith & humility… patience with hard waits, trusting God 100%, walking the faith, and fully humbling down before God telling Him that I cannot on my own, so I let go, to YOU, I entrust everything to YOU.

What I have become during this season of preparation & waiting is more significant than where i am going to be… What i have learned and still learning today, the character that is develop within, the humility & meekness of my heart, dependence on Godly wisdom, sufficient grace, victorious mindset, true faith, real joy, peace like a river, reliable confidence,  greater purpose and deeper relationship with God — all these are the fruits of waiting patiently for the Lord, and the prize, the great prize will be overwhelming, so great, so amazing, so awesome, that when finally God reward me the prize, all i can say is that “Lord, you are so wonderful, truly amazing” this i cannot have, if this is just me, but this is a gift from YOU, now i have it, because of YOU!!!

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