Cai ♥ Nowell, A Glorious Wedding

So sweet Cai & Nowell

it was a glorious weddingindeed! This is it, as Nowell repeatedly mentioned during the proposal! time flies, it is such a privilege to witness Nowell’s proposal to Cai last Feb and finally their dream boracay wedding this 09.10.10… Such a wonderful lovestory and a perfect wedding. Their lovestory begins during their highschool days, they started as bestfriends, turn lovers, turn couple! And during their journey together, God finds them, love them and that started a wonderful love triangle of God, Cai & Nowell… but that is the most beautiful and desirable love triangle… where both cai and nowell love God first and love each other after God… the wedding is such a great beginning to a new season of their life as a couple! as i listened to their exchange of vows, i dream of my very own wedding again… (thank God, He bring it back to my heart!!!)

as their friend, i will keep on praying for this two lovers! Congratulations again Cai and Nowell…


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