Hydro Zorb Fun

inside the Zorb with carol

During our Bora Day 3, me and carol tried out Hydro Zorb or Aqua Zorb… i was about to try the Harness zorb, but i get scared so i end up trying Hydro zorb instead!

at first, carol freak out when she saw a little space inside the ball, where we have to go inside… She panics and she almost back-out. But thank God, after some few word of encouragement from me, iris and manong zorb, she decided to go! and gotcha, the experience is super fun…. we roll inside the zorb ball, we scream and laugh our heart out and at the end of rolling zorb ball, we end up laughing, super saya! we did it! yahoo! thank God…
>>> this is us after the zorb experience

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