Boxing Ring

             If you’re committed to keeping open-mind, to accepting the other person’s point of view, then you ca maintain respect for each other even if you agree to disagree!

What kind of fighter are you?

I always thought that I’m not a fighter because Im not a confrontational type of person, i usually dont say what i feel when i’m angry because i’m avoiding to hurt my opponent. But after reading today’s 1month2live topic on “Boxing Ring”, i realize I’m a fighter too, a one-two puncher kind or a take-fall-fighter sometimes. I always prefer and settle for win-win resolutions. But most of the time, if it would just be a petty issue, i tend to become take-the-fall fighter. I just let it be! it’s not worth the energy and the time to fight over it, so i just let it pass, it will really pass anyways!

For a Fair Fight!!!

  • Establish ground rules (tell the person your purpose of confronting him/her is to clarify and sort things out, find solutions & to build a better relationship)
  • Put mouth guards (it doesnt mean, you’ll not talk, you can say how you feel but without saying hurtful words)
  • Own your feelings (dont attack the other person, just say what you feel about the issue, it is your feelings anyways, there’s no right or wrong feelings)
  • Avoid dragging history (focus on the present!)



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