29th Birthday Wishlist

LV Neverfull bag (med)

a new haircut

Nike Running Shoes

Launch ice scramble business

Complete healing for mommy! Breakthrough in her health condition

Dear God, 29th birthday blues started in first quarter of January… there’s a fear and insercurities in my heart, but when i started to put my TRUST in you, completely, when I started to believe in your promises that you know what I’m going through, you knows my dream, and you want to give it to me… So my life, my days has change, happy days begin! My journey has never been so joyful, until i find my rest, security and comfort from you.

I will be celebrating my birthday this Oct 28, and i have my birthday wish list… You can neglect my first 4 wishes, it’s all material anyways… But one thing i fervently wish and pray, a complete healing for mommy, free her Lord from breast cancer and ptb, restore her physically, emotionally and spiritually! I believe that your grace will be enough for her to fight and win this battle! I declare healing today, In Jesus Name I pray. AMEN.

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