Boracay never fails!

it’s my 3rd time in Boracay and the island never fails to amaze me! although the main purpose of our visit in Bora is to witness the wedding of our friend cai & nowell… We dont miss the opportunity to enjoy the island in the most tipid way we can..09092010084

We got super cheap plane fare mla-caticlan from airphil at P1,048 and kalibo-mla from PAL at P1,050. Check out weekly airline promos and mignight sale. Just be sure to book online once there’s available flight or else… Transfers from caticlan airport which includes tricycle (airport terminal to port) + boat ride + environmental fee + terminal fee + tricycle from port to our hotel at station 1 cost P220, (and if you’re be arriving or departing from kalibo just add P200-250 for van fare).

Day 1 Bowra-21

We stayed at MR Holidays P750/night with free set breakfast. We stayed at their family room, the room is cozy, clean, and the staff are super friendly. i highly recommend this budget friendly hotel. (although not located at the beachfront).

Day 1 Bowra-06

We had our lunch and dinner at Jonas (P100 up), Big Momma’s (P50 up), Andoks (P50 up), Talipapa (paluto) (P200 up), Manana (P200 up), Boracay Sweet Dreams (P300 up)… but the most sulit is Big Momma’s & paluto at Talipapa!

Day 1 Bowra-16

i also tried Hydo Zorb for P350… we had so much fun, its a must try in Boracay…

Day 3 Zorb-22

Bought some pasalubong from talipapa, anklets (P10), cute bracelets (P50), earrings (P20), native hat (P200) other pasalaubong from kalibo airpot like  piyaya (P35), danggit (P70).

Day 1 Bowra-03

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