Ruin is a gift. Ruin leads you to the path of transformation…. – Eat.Pray.Love

When i heard this line from eat pray love movie, I remember the Ruins of St. Paul in Macau, this church was burned on fire long years ago, but the altar is so strong and was able to survived after the fire. The ruins of St. Paul become Macau’s foreign destination/tourist spot, landmark of Macau!

Inspired by this line from the inspiring movie which i think is so true! In our journey to life, God allows some part of our life to messed-up or get ruined by people, things and even by ourselves. But from this ruined part of life, rise a very good thing which turns out to be the greatest lessons we learned that transforms to the best part of our lives. God is able transform that messy part of our life into the best part, which would eventually be the landmarks in our journey!

What is the greatest ruin that you surpassed in your life journey?


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