A Decade of Dreams

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Inspired by the Purpose Drive life series, i will start to refocus, this is by simply creating another set of 10 year goals… it’s been a decade since i wrote my long-term goal and faithfully pray for it, i was 18 then, a student, a dreamer, very optimistic and very passionate to do everything just to make my dreams come true. And today, after 10 years, as i review my long-term goal, I can say that God has been faithful to me, the dreams that He instill in my heart is the very thing that happened  to me, during my 10 years journey… both dreams that was remembered and forgotten, roller-coaster experiences that fulfilled my life. A successful career in a corporate world, a place where i can start building my dream house, a brand new car, discover, travel and see new places, study in UP, gadgets, clothes, bags, eat at fancy restaurants, sleep in luxurious hotels, spa treatments, numerous hang-outs (dinner,movies, out-of-town) with family & friends, beaches,  whoah, amazing! I can say that it’s been a fruitful 10 years of my life! and I’m so grateful. #iThankGod

DSC00274a   DSC02215  60166_442258212000_724392000_5714049_3478423_n My City'09-09  Congo Grill-2  IMG_5787

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