Lessons from First Business Venture

10.23.2010, Saturday, when we finally open & started a small business called scrambleville design1-1“scramble ville” our product – my favorite street food “ice scramble.” I believe that God direct me into this business, its amazing how God opens the door of opportunity, provide a food cart idea, capital and even support from my family & relatives. For our 2 days of selling here are few lessons learned:

  • if it God’s will, He will make it easy for you, whether its in relationship, finances, business.
  • God provides wisdom in the midst of hard times (finances)
  • start RIGHT and Finish STRONG – (God speaks tru #OPM2 Series)
  • great things start from small beginnings – (my sister #jelomejell reminded me), when i was so tired on the 1st day & was almost about to give up
  • the value of hard earned money (ang hirap kumita ng pera)
  • i discover my gift, my passion, my strengths (it’s in planning, numbers & arts not really in selling, i’m not a people smart really) jell & nanay discover their passion as well.
  • i’m grateful how my family supported us this venture (kuya rey, yaya, kuya alex, cuzins)
  • i learn to seek God in every steps

Hopefully, my new role as entrepreneur will be a success too!

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