Diver’s Sanctuary Batangas Road Trip Diary

fortunately referred by bangkeros in Diver’s Sanctuary in Bauan, Batangas…



Safely arrived in the island, after all the praying and sailing at night in a small boat. I can imagine a shark attacking us or a big wave coming…. it’s like in a movie scene (scary) i remember, Carol keeps on praying, almost cried… funny, but i’m a bit scared too!

IMG-0585 Diversanctuary-37

As we arrived in the island, we have a air-conditioned room with 3 beds, we just pay 1,500 for an overnight stay. Vodka cruiser and mudshake is our bestfriend for the night. Girls, went wild dancing, drinking, singing and chatting. It’s a disaster when all SP’s (Strong Personality) are together.


The morning after, look at the view in front of our room! Super nice view isn’t it?


So here are the girls…. my KCPI friends!


After our hearty breakfast, we went snorkling…


Then we met this divers, who eventually join us and we hang-out together for an island hopping (while Tet tried diving for the first time)


It has been an exciting overnight trip for us! Kikay Girls survived the adventure, met new friends and enjoy the Batangas Island

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