Potipot Island Road Trip Diary

Potipot is an island in Uacon, Zambales, about 3-3.5 hours drive from Manila.


I went here with my KCPI friends. We stayed in a budget resort which is located at Uacon. We enjoyed beautiful sunset from the resort.


friendship & sunset DSC06219 DSC04617

The next day we travel to the island by boat, around 15-20 minutes.


DSC04604  DSC00609

And finally, we arrived at Potipot island. It is not as popular and commercialized as Boracay. White sand beach and calm waters. Ang gandaaaa 🙂DSC04594 DSC06170 DSC06171 DSC04563 DSC04568 DSC04570 DSC04576 DSC04551 DSC04594DSC04584

This is the best place to enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing.


This is a must go for those who want to relax, be alone, enjoy the waves of the sea and appreciate nature.

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