180 at Boracay

Our first ever Singles Retreat with Victory Family was last September 2009. Together with my Victory group, Cai, Libby, Bevs, Carol, Iris and Ron. I also invited my sister Jell to come with me, because I believe that God has so much in store for us for this retreat… More than the beautiful “Boracay Island” I’m very expectant that God will reveal His love and promises for every singles who will be part of this retreat.


Day 1 is our free time, we had a great day walking in the beach, enjoying the beautiful sunset…

oneighty@bora-012 oneighty@bora-025

And a welcome night, a good chance to meet new friends from Victory. Then dinner along the beach with my small group friends ;b

oneighty@bora-277 oneighty@bora-279

Day 2, we have our own version of amazing race, where we have to go around the island to look for some stuff and imitate pictures and take a good shot!

Copy of 19092009829oneighty@bora-033

And at night we have a luau a party, where every group prepares a presentation… This is also the awards night.

oneighty@bora-287 oneighty@bora-282

Day 3, is our free time! We choose to spend it with the rest of the singles for an island hopping, lunch & shopping at talipapa, dip in the beach, get a henna tattoo and do nothing while sitting in the white sands of Bora. It was one of the happiest part of this trip.

oneighty@bora-230oneighty@bora-291 Copy of 19092009824 oneighty@bora-242 oneighty@bora-099

At night we celebrate Bev’s bday at Starbucks, eat a cheap yummy barbeque and spend the rest of the night at bamboo lounge bar…

oneighty@bora-268 oneighty@bora-125

Day 4, before we leave the island, me & sis enjoy the turquoise colored water of the beach and took more pictures.

oneighty@bora-182 oneighty@bora-191

It’s my first time to have a Quiet Time along the beach and it’s such a wonderful experience. And these are God’s message for me, I was so oneighty@bora-031overwhelmed with His promises and Do’s actually… Proverbs 3:

  • He will prolong my life and & bring prosperity (if I keep God’s commands & teachings in my ❤
  • I will win favor & good name (if i’ll be faithful & loving)
  • He will make my paths straight (If i will trust in Him alone)
  • I will be healthy (if i will fear the Lord & shun evil)oneighty@bora-204
  • I will be bless with overflowing resources (finances) – if I honor the Lord with my wealth & give tithes.
  • Long life, riches & honor, peaceful paths, pleasant ways, blessings after blessings (if i seek Godly wisdom)
  • Confidence (if i will not fear & start trusting Him)
  • Grace (if i will be humble)

And oneighty@bora-108some Dont’s!!!

  • Do not withhold good for those who deserve it
  • Help NOW, tomorrow might be too late
  • Don’t plot your neighbor
  • Don’t envy violent man
  • Don’t accuse man for no reason

Or else I will have to face the consequences of disobedience.

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