Surprise visit to Lola Mileng

It was April 2009 when we visited lola Mileng in Angat, Bulacan — my tatay’s hometown. After 6 years, i finally had a chance to see lola again. There, i knew that Lola at her 80’s, is leaving alone in her ancient home in Angat. Tito Romy (tatay’s youngest brother) is visiting her often to take care of her… i really feel sorry for lola, but we cannot stay in with her for long…


Then, Ate Tina, Jell & Me planned to visit her again on May 2010. This time, we’re more complete, Tito Ernies whole family was there! I also got to meet my cute nephews and nieces!


We spend a night swimming in a nearby resort. We had a good time! Lola, was so emotera, that she says “never in her life she dream that she can go in a resort like this.” At least she was happy that night 🙂


We also visited this “Ilog” in angat, where we used to swim when we were still kids.

Bulacan-07 Bulacan-08

I heard that Lola is weak now, hope we can visit her in Pangasinan, where she stayed with Tito Romy and his family.


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