Monsanto Teambuilding: Cebu Travel Diary

One of the highlights of Monsanto Philippines FY11 National Conference is our teambuilding which we called the “Amazing Tour” patterned with TV Show Amazing Race, but this time our only goal is to be creative as we are, as we take pictures of a given “Movie Posters” behind famous Cebu tourist spots.

We visited Allegre Guitar Factory, Taoist Temple, Magellan’s Cross, Sto.Nino Church, Fort San Pedro and Casa Gorordo Museum.

12092010363 12092010352 12092010353 12092010356 12092010360     DSC03889

And our blue team won 3rd prize!!! yahoo! ✿ we did it, we finally did it, though it rain, it shines, we’re hungry for lunch, we’re tired… we finish the challenge! Copying movie posters of Austin Powers, Snowhite, Highschool Musical (i forgot the 2 other movies, senior momenst).

toyblue austinblue highblue oceansfinalfinal snowwhiteblue


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