Goodtimes with my Highschool BFF


Finally, i got to blog again! my very first blog for December, it was a super busy month, but so many breakthroughs indeed!

Let me start with the first week of December happenings… Got a FB PM from my bestfriend Angel, she told me that she, Joel (her hubby) and their 2 cute little girls are here for vacation… So finally, we contact our girlfriends so we can have dinner and videoke… Zaldy & Pheng came… It’s nice to see “us” together again! How I wish the other girls joined us too!

Angel 2010

I bring them to my favorite resto in Alabang –  Kanin Club at Westgate. I know that Joel & Angel loves food so i knew it, that they would love my fave KC dishes, Tinapa Rice, Crispy Dinuguan & a new discovery “Seafood Kare-kare”


Then we head-off to BF, to sing all night long at Platinum Videoke. We’re surprised that Joel has a nice voice, he’s a a singer and he’s the only one who got the perfect 100 score! Angel is a singer since Highschool by the way… We had a great kulitan moments! Singing our heart out loud with our barkada theme song — “Points of View” and “Won’t last the day without You” ;b


Angel, me and Pheng ;b


3 thoughts on “Goodtimes with my Highschool BFF

  1. You’re the sweetest, Jen! You left me teary eyed! You are such a good friend to me. You are my sister and I love you!

  2. Aaawww ange! you’ll always be my only first best friend! i love you too! i’m really happy to spend time with you & your family! looking forward for more in the future! mwaaah!

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