Christmas Gifts, ready!!!

We bought our Christmas gifts for friends in ABS Export in Cebu, they had unique accessories for sale in their showroom. I like their accessories because it is made of mix local materials, wood, wires, shells, etc. for their products go to


For our inaanak, we shop at GMA’s Noel Bazaar. There’s a lot of nice and affordable items. I bought jacket (Minnie mouse), Ipanema flipflops, Bible Story books for my inaanaks. A boyfriend polo and tops for myself and for nanay. I wish i have more shopping money so I can buy more stuff for myself too!

DSC04033 DSC04029

These are the gifts ready to be given away on Christmas day 2010. A Guess bag for my sister (jell), a make-up kit for nanay, bracelets + toiletries for my cousins, choco pie for my cousins, jamon de bola for dick, kuya & kuya rollie, assorted pinoy foodies for angel & family and some cash for other inaanak!

DSC04453 DSC04455


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