Best Stuff in 2010

My heart can’t contain how thankful I am! Isn’t our God is great? Though I never asked for some of these stuff, God still give it to me. Oh Lord, you are so good. That’s why i sing ♫ ♫ No I cannot count the ways that you have made my life so blessed… All I know is that you came and made beauty of my mess! ♫ ♫

1230201045312302010456  12302010454 

07162010125912232010437  12302010457

12122010399 DSC03729 12232010426

  • Swatch watch, i bought from Hongkong
  • Mango bags (which i also bought from HK & this bag i super like)
  • Sexy sandals i bought from Cebu
  • Leather seat for my car “jj”
  • Free Nokia N97 (thank you Monsanto)
  • Free Make-ups, toiletries (i still have more for 2011, thank you Angel, Cai, Iris)
  • Free lunch & dinner Krispy Kreme, lunch, dinner & coffee at Kanin Club, Itallianis, Cibo, Zong, Recipes, CPK, YCab, TGIF, Shakeys, Maxs, Pizza Hut, Manong’s, Starbucks, Cofee bean, Fish & Co
  • Top, dresses & tees
  • Sharp Acquos Home Theater
  • Kikay Stuff (Aaawww)

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