#Grateful 2010

I can’t get enough for thank you list for 2010.

Thank you Lord for…

  • Stronger relationship with nanay & jell, though we have misunderstandings sometimes, there come reconciliation and forgiveness.


  • For fulfilling my UP dream. I took MBA this year! wootie!


Picture taken by Libby Malibiran. (www.thetravelinghavaianas.blogspot.com)

  • Learning yoga for free
  • Free movies (from Citibank)
  • Run… for the sake healthier lifestyle plus another way to donate for charities


  • Free parking at the office and at UP
  • Was able to watch a concert for the first time “Supafest 2010”
  • Seeds that i sow for my inaanak Monique, relatives – Kuya Ivin, Lola Mileng, Lolo, Mommy, jayjay, Dick & Kenneth, PGH ward, Every Nation and other needy people i met in the streets.
  • Additional income from accessories, perfume, jj rental to airport and ice scramble ville

scramble ville large scrambleville design1 small

  • Debts paid – SSS loan, Citi Visa and Citi Rustans


  • Healing my boils, migraine, cough & flu, nana y’s combulsion and mommy’s TB and breast cancer.

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