What’s your inner hairstyle?

Which ‘do says “you”? Take the quiz to find out! By Cai Maroket
Fact: hair is never “just hair.” How you wear your mane can say a lot about who you are as a person, whether you do it deliberately or subconsciously. Most people decide on their hairstyles according to what they wish to convey (and complement) about their distinct personalities—which makes a good coif one of the simplest forms of nonverbal communication.

Does your current ‘do match your lifestyle and unique traits? So, i take this quiz from www.femalenetwork.com to find out!!!

CLASSIC LONG AND STRAIGHT HAIR You’ll never be caught shaving your head or sporting a mohawk—and that’s okay, because classic long hair is your forte. Modest and approachable, you have a girl-next-door vibe which makes you irresistible. The way you dote on your flowing locks reflects how you treat everything and everybody else—that is, with care and sweetness. Despite being a simple soul, you are never boring. Long hair means variety and the freedom to play, so you can always change the way you wear your locks without veering away from your straight-laced roots.


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