A Wedding Dream

It’s been 2 yrs when i withdraw on the idea of weddings! Because of my heartbreaking experience from my first boyfriend and of the almost married situation at the age of 26, i temporarily dislike weddings! i dread attending wedding during those days. i don’t like all the situation where my friends and relatives teasing me to catch the boquet so i will marry next!

But thank God, he restores that dream in my heart! When i attended Cai and Nowell Boracay wedding! I finally fall in love again… i fall in love with the idea of being a bride, walking in the aisle, just like your the most beautiful lady in that event! Whille your groom is waiting for you, teary-eyed! 😉 All your closest friends and family are there to witness your union, and of course, me and my groom standing in the promise of “forever” “till death do us part”!

Lately, i daydream of my dream wedding! i love searching the net and looking for wedding ideas… weird, cause i don’t even have a boyfriend now. Anyways, i’m so glad that this desire is so back ;b — hahaha


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