What kind of spender are you?

 Are sales completely irresistible to you, or are you more of a careful buyer? Check out this quiz and see how your spending style affects your buying habits! By Tala Dayrit

We all want nice things, but we can’t afford them all the time. While we scrimp and save to buy the newest, latest, and most beautiful of things, sometimes the pull to buy right now just can’t be resisted. Are you the type to whip out your credit card at the barest hint of a great deal?

If you find yourself going for broke before payday more than once, perhaps how you spend your hard-earned money is the culprit. Answer the questions and find out what kind of spender you are!


There’s saving, and then there’s just being a little too stingy. It’s admirable that you want to build up your bank account, but you shouldn’t short-change yourself when it comes to certain things. The money you earned is a result of a lot of hard work, so make sure you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Spending a little more on things you enjoy won’t break the bank. And you’re too practical to ever let things get out of hand, anyway. If you feel guilty on spending the funds on yourself, take your family out to dinner at a nice restaurant, or take your little sister out shopping. The looks on their faces from getting an unexpected treat will make you feel good as well.

Take this quiz too! http://www.femalenetwork.com/work-money/quizzes/what-kind-of-spender-are-you/


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