Tagaytay Highlands Birthday Travel Diary

I celebrated my 27th birthday in Tagaytay Highlands with nanay & sister Jell. I also invited my tita Josie & Lilia and my cousin Jayjay to come with us. I’ve been in Tagaytay so many times already, but i don’t have the chance to visit Highlands since this place is exclusive for members only. But thank God for my officemate/friend Ghia, her mom used to be a member, so we’re in!


Such a great place, you will never think that you’re still in the Philippines. Fresh air, pine trees, plants and flowers surround the area, few people around, quiet and serene!

DSC01218 DSC01389

There’s a garden and animal farm inside. We love the flowers and jayjay so love the animals in the farm!

IMG_3255 IMG_3284

We also enjoyed riding in funicular, where you can experience top view of tagaytay highlands. We dip in their pool too!

IMG_3333 DSC01374

This day is very remarkable for me because it’s my first time to eat fresh green salad! Since then, i love eating salad! Thank you tagaytay highlands, now i’m one step healthier.


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