Bulalo at Viewsite, Tagaytay

Black Saturday: April 23, 2011

Me and my family drive to Tagaytay for a Bulalo and Sisig lunch. During this peak season, the best time to eat lunch  in Tagaytay is around 11-1130 😉 there’s a lot of seats available, waiters to serve and food was served just in time.

Tagaytay041611 (26)

We have our lunch, in Viewsite Restaurant, there’s a view of Taal Volcano, they serve Pinoy food, place is quite okay

Tagaytay041611 (9)

Honestly, there’s nothing special with their “Special Bulalo” P450 ($11). Better try Leslie’s, RSM, Dencio’s or LZM’s Bulalo.

Tagaytay041611 (19)

Another not so good sizzling pork sisig, P215 ($5)

Tagaytay041611 (18)

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