Universal Studios Singapore Travel Diary

There’s something about theme parks that makes me feel so excited! Maybe it’s the adventurous side of me… During our 3 days vacation in Singapore, our second day itinerary is to experience Universal Studios Singapore. The park is quiet small compare to Disneyland Hongkong, fewer characters around for photo op and more rides available for adults.

The entrance gate has a hollywood theme, where Oscars Icon is everywhere. We never thought that this strip is surrounded by the famoun Gold Oscar’s trophy icon, if we just knew it we don’t waste our time taking picture right in front of the USS gate. I swear there’s more of them inside.

Along the Hollywood boulevard we had our first and only photo op, I don’t know her actually and I don’t bother to google her. At least we met at least one Universal studios character right?

This is Shrek’s Castle, amazing!

Our lunch at Goldilocks food park. We had a bucket of chicken, bun and soda!

Here are the exciting rides we enjoy most:

Jurassic Park Rapids


Revenge of the Mummy (yay)


I’ve almost tried Galactica, but upon deciding at 6pm, the gatekeeper told me that this ride is already closed. Too bad for me, maybe next time.

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