My Comfort Foodies

A day at work might be very stressful… And one way for me to cope stress is to eat this comfort food, while looking at my laptop and doing office work. Here are my top list:


Ricoa Flat Tops. This chocolate reminds me of my childhood days, where i usually buy this in our neighborhood sari-sari store for .75 cents. I love this because unlike other local chocolates this is not so sweet.


Boy Bawang & Adobong Mani. When i want to exercise my mouth (lol) i eat this. Just kidding, Boy Bawang is really my favorite cornick in the world. P1/each.


One One. I fall in love with this sweet, salty rice crackers. I love the fact that one one is a healthy snack.


Want Want. The original version (i think) Pinoy imitate want want and the result my favorite one one. This Chinese rice cracker snack is so cheesy! This is my latest favorite. P90/ pack of 12.


Chocolate Eclair from Palms. Because of my love from cream puff no doubt that i fall in love with Choco eclair. Starbucks use to serve this yummy dessert and eventually it was phased-out, luckily Palms Country Club bakeshop offer this yummy dessert just for P45/each


Frutti Froyo. I don’t like the taste of yogurt, but since Frutti Froyo flavored yogurt taste like ice cream, i fall in love with it. My favorite is banana strawberry swirl top with almonds, cashew, hazelnut and dark chocolate syrup.


Chocolate Crinkles. I love the chocolate and the coated white sugar.

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