Bebs ♡ Kiko – A One More Chance Love Affair

Last night, I just visited my friend Khrisna (Bebs) to say goodbye and wish her safe and great journey in Dubai with her husband Greg (Kiko). Bebs & Kiko was married last year June 2011. Both of them are my classmates in college (PUP-BSIT). Khrisna is part of my circle of friends which we named “Just B!” Their love story is like a roller coaster ride, their college love affair lasted for months, Khrisna been into other relationships until she born Kaydee, her first daughter. So we graduated, Greg work abroad and Khrisna (with me) work in TIPS. To cut the long story short, they get back together, get married and now moving to Dubai to start a new life and hopefully born a new baby! To mareng Khrisna and Greg, I pray that God will continue to strengthen your love for each other, and that He will bless your desires! I’ll miss you!

Bebs ♡❤♡ Kiko Second Chance Love Affair

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