Taste of Singapore – Part 1

Lately I realized that I missed one good thing when I travel. That is to taste the unique dishes in the country I’m visiting. I realized that my lunch is Wendy’s when I’m in Bangkok, I have Mc Donalds chicken wings and fries when I’m in Macau and Hongkong. Our dinner is Pizza hut Pizza in Macau. Not to mention hotel food during business trips!

This time,I tried to be a little daring in my food choices in Singapore. The last time I visited here, I tried Singapore’s Chili Crab and Pepper Crab. This time we tried dining where most of the people eat. In Vivo City, Suntec, inside Universal Studios and in Ikea.

Ikea Meatballs is the best! A super must try for SGD 3-5. (Thanks Ms Liza for dinner treat)

Ikea chicken and Fries

Ikea Soup for the day (If I remember it right, this is seafood chowder)

Ikea’s Salmon

Fried Chicken bucket at Goldilocks, Universal Studios

Yang-chow at Suntec City Food Court

Hakaw at Suntec City Foodcourt

Singapore Chicken Rice

Beef noodles Serangoon

Veggie soup at Serangoon

Egg tart at Suntec City

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