#Thankful 2011

First time in our Victory Group to celebrate a thanksgiving party. Cai hosted our dinner in their lovely crib in Ohana. We are asked to write our Top 10 “Thank You’s for 2011. And since God has taught me to be content and live a simple life this year, I thought of thanking God for what i have, for the things that most of the time i ignore because i’m desiring for more or worst focusing on things that I don’t have. There you go…This 2011 I thank God for….

1. My family, for my sister and nanay who’s been there for me in good and bad times.

2. Old & new friends in Victory (VG – whose been there for me all this time and for deeper friendship with them & KC volunteers), Monsanto and in UP, Relatives (Sanchez & Sumaway), for the love and encouragement.

3. Provision for me & my family’s basic needs Comfortable house to live, that we never get affected by strong typhoons, Good food cooked by nanay everyday and free dine-outs, Old & few new clothes, sandals & bags that I can mix and match. (Thank you Lord that I can also borrow from my sister)

4. Good health! That after series of consultation, I thank God I’m free from sickness.

5.  Strength and wisdom doing work and studies at the same time. It’s really God!

6. My work in Monsanto. Good compensation & benefits, trainings and exposure.

7. “JJ” my companion wherever I go! My favorite spot to meet God!

8. LCD TV without cable, laptop & we roam to surf and do my term papers (not an Ipad2), not so reliable N97 (not a BB or iPhone)

9. Places I’ve been too early this year. Davao, Subic, Batangas, Tagaytay, KL, SG

11. Newborn baby “Misha Venice” my pretty and lovely pamangkin, who brings joy in our family.

12. Nanay’s 60th Birthday – for long life, good health, simple yet happy celebration

13. Finally, finish with so much learnings and confidence in “Training for Victory

14. Renovated bathroom, kitchen and new oven at home

15. RRA and GCs received during Monsanto 2011 Christmas Party

16. Bringing me to situations where I don’t have a choice but to fully surrender everything to Him. For always reminding me to be fully dependent in God alone in all areas of my life. He always made me realized that without God I am nothing. In my weakness and during down times, He moves in my life amazingly!

By the way, i wrote more than ten because i cant get enough of God blessings, countless!

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