Training For Victory

Last year one of my spiritual faith goals was achieved… It is to participate and graduate Training for Victory. I really love to join this training because i know, all the things i can learn from this will help me to grow deeper in my relationship with God. And i’m right, actually I discover it’s more than that… Through this intensive training i have stronger spiritual foundation, i learned the value of quiet times with God, i learned that God wants to overflow us with so much blessings so that we can bless others plus I also meet new friends. After training for victory, I am now more confident to share my faith with my family & friends.

Thanks to Victory Alabang, to all the Pastors, John, Sonny, Ariel, Jonathan, King, Jansen, Dexter, and the rest of the speackers who have shared the goodness and faithfulness of God in their lives.

And to all T4V graduates December 2011, Congratulations! Go, Let us keep on honoring God and make disciples!

Training For Victory

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