Katy Perry Manila Dream

Here’s my favorite number of Katy Perry! I love her Peacock costume! Photo Credits: http://www.toscadoca.com

The weekend, after I got back from Thailand (Jan 15) I saw a TV commercial about Katy Perry’s concert here in Manila. With excitement I told my sister “Okay sana manood nyan no, kaso i don’t have a budget for that.” My sister, agree on me, because she knows very well that i’m praying for a change in my spending habit, and I have a goal this year to achieve and buying tickets for Katy Perry concert will not bring me closer to that goal. Jan 16 when i got back in the office, I saw an e-mail from Mabuhay Miles with a subject “Redeem Miles for Katy Perry The California Dream Tour 2012 tickets!!” I’m so excited and saw that I can redeem two (2) silver tickets for a 5,000 miles. And I have 5K+ miles in my account, so I immediately downloaded claim form, and text my sister about it. I’m just amazed how God heard my innocent wish to watch the show, He provided a ticket for free, not just for me but for my sister too! The next day, my sister claim the ticket in Mabuhay Miles Office in Makati. And we’re ready to go!

Concert Day. January 22, 2012. Me and my sister just stroll around MOA, have our dinner at Joey Pepperoni and head-out to MOA concert grounds. There’s a lot of people, media and celebrities all over the place. The show started late (2 hours late) Katy Perry tweet that it’s because of some security issues. But when the show started we had a great time! Singing our heart out loud with our favorite Hot N Cold, Fireworks, ET, The One that Get Away, Last Friday Night,  Teenage Dream, Peacock and  California Girls.

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