Corruption in LTO Binan

Yesterday marks my worst encounter with government agency (so far).

It’s my first time to process car registration and since LTO Binan branch is just a few blocks away from our place I decided process my registration here. Before leaving my uncle told me that he has know somebody who has a connection inside the LTO Binan, he gave me the name. But since, i want to experience this process, I decided to do it by myself.

Pagdating ko sa LTO office, a man dressed in yellow t-shirt and kaki shorts tried to collect a P40 parking fee and when I was about to pay him, he asked me if I’m planning to get car registration and I said “Yes.” He followed up another question, if I already have a TPL insurance which is one of the requirements, i said “No,” then he immediately told me that if I get a TPL from him and i will get a free parking. I asked him how much and he told me its P1,275. “Ang mahal naman manong!” So I look at my list (i research from blogs), mistakenly i told him that i only purchase my TPL for P300 few years ago (emission test fee pala yun).

Anwyay, sinabi ko sa fixer na hindi ako kukuha sa kanya, magtatanong na lang ako sa LTO office staff. Sinundan nya pa din ako, at na-feel ko that he’s sending signals to the guard (i don’t know what that means) but i feel that there’s something wrong going. So i asked 2 men inside the LTO office, they were checking and signing documents at that time. He offered me information and told me that TPL cost P980, dinala nya ko sa insurance room where I can purchase a TPL. He left, tapos  itong guy sa insurance room was trying to collect P1,275 from me and I told him the guy named Jun told me its only cost P980,  and he just say okay. And he wrote in her notebook, Jun’s name and P980. I saw list of names and different amount written in that notebook. Then he gave me the insurance copy written in the premium paid is just P610 and another receipt issued cost at P1,275. The 2nd receipt is the fake one. Para di maloko, I suggest for you to pay through Cebuana to renew your TPL insurance.


I paid P450 for the emission test, I guess this is official since it is posted in the emission testing center. I just wonder why they gave me two receipts P320 for the actual emission testing and P80 for interconnectivity fee (what’s this for) is it really necessary?

Then here comes a guy who would assist you to stencil process, after the process he told me “Mam, kaya na po bahala ah” sabi ko, “saan?” “tip mam” sabi nya! So i gave him P20. Then he told me that since I’m transferring registration from LTO Muntinlupa to Binan,  I have to get an affidavit or something that i have to pay another P300, and I should not worry because he knows someone and he offer to help. Eto na naman, nakaka-stress ang mga tao sa LTO. Di ko na kinaya, So I napilitan din akong magpatulong sa kakilala ng uncle ko from LTO Binan. I felt bad kase I end up using connections just to get away from the corrupt fixers/LTO staff. So because of his help, i finished the rest of the process for only 45 minutes.

To summarize here’s the correct cost  in processing your car registration:

TPL insurace – 610.00 (car) or 670.00 (SUV, van, etc)

Emission Test – 450.00

LTO Registration – 1929.05 (car)

Total: Php 2,989.00

Sana hindi kayo mabiktima ng mga taga-LTO. Nakakalungkot lang talaga, na ganito ang system sa Pilipinas. 😦

4 thoughts on “Corruption in LTO Binan

  1. hey ur post is very helpful.. i hope you can assist me also.. paparehistro kasi ako this october and i dnt want to pay 1250 TPL.. ill wait for ur responce

    • Just follow the process. If anyone from the fixers outside or even inside the LTO office approach to assist you, be very careful not to accept it, read and follow instructions posted.

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