Camp John Hay Travel Diary

It is another great summer getaway for us three in Baguio City, plus we bring along our cousins Eilor and Empoy. It’s a 6 hour drive from Binan, Laguna or around 5 hours drive from Manila via SLEX-Edsa-NLEX-SCTEX-Marcos Highway. You will spend P1,000 ($23) for toll fees.

Our first stop is Camp John Hay to have a picnic for lunch. I’m happy to do this, I dont even remember the last time I have picnic with my family. Nanay prepares chicken adobo, boiled egg and tomatoes. Here, the table is rented for P100 ($3), but it’s really sad to know when we saw a lot of people who don’t want to pay even they used the table 😦


After that we went around and found out that we can enter the Historical Core featuring a museum at the Commander’s Cottage, Bell Ampitheater, a Butterfly Sanctuary. Entrance fee is P50 ($1.5) for adults and ) P30 for students and senior citizens.








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