Money Lessons I Learned from Chinkee Tan

I want to share my notes from one of my favorite personal finance guru Mr Chink Positive Chinkee Tan. It’s a great learning experience to attend Steps to Financial Peace seminar last May 18, where Chinkee is one of the speakers. Hope you learn from my notes!

  • Mindset + Action = Results. Negative Mindset + Negative Action = Negative Results, Positive Mindset + Positive Action = Positive Results. We always have a choice so it’s really up to us whic result we want, which action to take and it all starts from right mindset. As for me, since I’m very optimistic person, i always choose to be POSITIVE.
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  • Before we start of anything, we must first ask ourselves “What’s my mindset?” this will strongly influence the end results.
  • As the famous quote says “Experience is the best teacher”, Chinkee shared that “other people experiences are the best teacher,” when we learn from others we can always choose the best decision they made so that we avoid bad experiences or mistakes that happened to them.
  • We must IMPROVE our THOUGHT LIFE to IMPROVE LIFE! What we feed in our minds & hearts becomes stronger, what we starve becomes weaker. Where the minds goes, man follows! Our money mindset will determine our financial life. The way we were raised when we are young forms the way we spend today. Our money mindset programs by what we HEARD, SAW and EXPERIENCED!
  • To achieve financial peace, we must STOP living in the past, we can CHANGE the future by making RIGHT DECISIONS today!
  • Reminder to self! (Since i tend to be generous even if I don’t have extra something to give) “You can never give what you can’t have, you can’t teach what you don’t know.”
  • Intentions are good but will never bring you to destination. Right choices, right decisions will bring you to your destination. Act Now!
  • So what now, how can we improve our mindset? Simple! (1) Expose yourself to positive people – shoo away all the nega around you (nope just kidding, just avoid them as much as possible). (2) Attend life changing seminars (learn from the experts and share what you’ve learned) (3) Start reading books, blogs!

Learn more about Chinkee Tan, visit or follow him in twitter @chinkeetan

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