Big Savings from Group Buying Sites

I admit it, I’ve been addicted to in buying discount vouchers on-line. I first received a Metrodeal invite from my friend Libby at first I ignore it, but after some time because heard so much about it from my friends, i look at it had my first purchase, a P250 voucher for Nail Tropics manicure and pedicure which is worth P500. I bought this because i used to have my foot spa, wax and pedi in Nail Tropics in Rustans Alabang Town Center. I give this voucher to my mom, a Mother’s day treat! Being a frugal lady who love shopping, i love buying sale items or discounted items i start buying various stuff mostly spa treatments, food vouchers, home stuff, i get addicted to it! So be careful shopaholics!!!

Here are other stuff and service I bought from trusted coupon buying sites so far.

I Saved: P11,688

  • Collagen firming facial wash at Dermclinic, Alabang Town CenterImage
  • Brownies from Brownies unlimited, Festival Alabang
  • Body Shop day and night moisturizer, Festival Alabang
  • Overnight stay in Club Balai Isabel, Talisay, Batangas
  • Haircut at Diana Kwong Salon
  • Shoe Rack, free delivery from CCP
  • Brow resurrection at Browhaus

  • Burger from Burger King, ATC
  • Chocolate Ecstasy from Hungrypac ATC
  • Nestea Iced Tea delivered in my office
  • Box of donuts from Gonuts Donuts
  • Pillow from Mandaue Foam

  • Diamond Peel and facial in Dermstrata, SM Muntinlupa
  • Truffles, meet-up at ATC
  • Underarm diamond peel in Skintrends, Paseo Sta Rosa
  • Salt Body Scrub & Massage at Zen Sai Spa in BF Paranaque (Groupon)

  • Zong

There’s nothing wrong on buying on-line, just choose trusted buying sites, read the details and mechanics carefully, remember “self-control” in impulsive buying, you might end up buying things that you don’t need.

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