Organize your Accessories

I love ladies accessories, from earrings to necklace to bracelet to rings to belts, watches and hair thing! I guess most of the girls do. I love all sort of materials from silver, gold, bronze, beads, shells, pearls, wood, local indigenous material, thread and leather. Most of my accessories are gifts from friends, bought i when i travel and bought because i just love it. I have my way on organizing them, so i thought of sharing it. So there you go.


This used to be a the packaging for 3 paired necklace + earrings i bought from Duty Free Bangkok. Now it’s the home for my stud earrings.


For my dangling earrings, this gift from my friend Ghia is sexy and glamorous!


My bracelet arranged according to material.


You can find this box in Japanese stores for less than P100 ($2).



Small accessories separately arranged according to type.


Necklace are hung and arranged according to size and material.

So hope you get some ideas from this post, now it’s to be OC and get organized!

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