Independence Day Fun at Raya’s Resort

Since we’re not able to swim and dip into the pool last summer of 2012, we tried to catch up and booked Raya’s Resort in Halang Road, Binan, Laguna. Me and yaya initiated the plan for a whole day fun activity for Sanchez family. We invited everyone, but unfortunately only few of our relatives came.


We started with a quiet time, prayer and sharing. I facilitate the small group discussion, talking about unity. That as a family, “God wants families to be united at all times.”


At first it’s a little boring since all of us were adults (my uncles and aunties) and my cousins. Nothing new, we’re living in the same compound. We’re just pretty disappointed that other cousins who live outside Sanchez compound didn’t make it. This activity is really for them sana. But thank God, Kuya Ivin, GJ, Gabe, Gale, Chammy, Kuya Rael and his wife, Ashley, Ian, Bryan, May-anne, Xyron, Ate Tina, Marco, Maru, Max, and Tita Bilet came!


Me and my cousins trying a wacky shot.


Ang mga boys, juma-jumpshot! waaaah!


My pamangkin (niece) Gabe, is really cute and hypher. So, sya ang napagtripan ng mga boys. Image

Gabe having fun, so much fun in the pool.


The sweetest and prettiest niece, Gale love her pink inflatables from Tita Jell. So cute!


Marco and Maru, my pamangkin from Sumaway family. I invited them, because i want to be with them, and i want them to enjoy summer before going to school the next day.

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