Morning Walk at Boracay

While Manila and most of Luzon was flooded, I’m in Boracay for a business trip. Thank God that it’s a sun shiny day all over Aklan 🙂 Tourists get to enjoy the beauty of the island. While Net and Mae are still in bed, I decided to walk along the beach from Station 2 to 3. I spend some quiet time alone and pray. As I walk, I took photos na rin. The Island of Boracay is really beautiful.


this is my favorite shot of the beach with all the shadow effects.


kay sarap maglaro sa mga dambuhalang alon (giant tidal waves)!


Perfect na sana, pampasira lang ang tri-pod!


Ang ganda talaga ng turqoise na beach!


Perfect for paragliding! kaya wagas na wagas sa pag glide ang mga PRO-paragliders 🙂


Ayan na. meeting na ng mga Vinta!




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