Monsanto Friends, Now and Then


I’ve been working with Monsanto for more than five years now (and that’s my longest stint so far). Last Aug 8-10 is my fifth National Conference with these people in Boracay. No matter how beautiful Boracay is, just can’t fully enjoy, can’t help to feel sad because most, I mean ALL of my closest friends and lunch buddies have left the company. I missed them so much, Mami Myrns, Leslie, Lai, Ghia, Clammy, Stephen…


They are the craziest and real people i’ve work with… I know that people in our life just come and go, but true friends stay… Life is just good & exciting if we’re surrounded with good people and true friends in our workplace.


God is really good, because He replaced those friends who left, I have more new friends around.. Jean, Net, Ana Banana, Ana A, and Lee. There are my new set of friends, my Cha Time buddies, who make my life at work more fun!


One thing i realized, I can’t survived the stress, politics, gossip in the workplace without dear friends in the office. They made each day at work a little brighter and happier! I really thank God for friends, they are real blessings!

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