April 2012 is a remarkable month for my career in Monsanto and in my life too! I received a big time blessing, God finally rewarded me with promotion to a managerial level, finally! Truely God has his own wonderful ways for me to get there!

Looking back, as I read my journal notes last April 14 2012, I remember Queen Esther’s story before she was crowned as a queen. There are preparations, waiting times and sacrifices before God finally crown her as a queen… And because, she obey God and she chose to honor God, God’s will for her life happened exactly, and even more than she expected it to be. Favor surrounds her. That how God is… He always surpassed our dreams and expectations.

Two years ago, I’ve been desperately longing for promotion breakthrough in my career. Monsanto managers feedback about me is that me being soft spoken, shy, quite hinders my promotion. They told me that I need to improve on this. When I heard this, I don’t have any idea on how can i improve on this, how can i transform myself to become extrovert and loud, when i know very well, that I don’t have that kind of personality, that’s not God how designed me. But God has amazing ways, one day, He called me to pursue Master in Business Management in University of the Philippines – Manila. It’s out of my personal long term plans. There I gain more confidence, knowledge and wisdom. I’ve learned so much from my 2 years MBA experience in UP. Along with that, I even didn’t noticed how God transform me into a more confident, expressive, stronger, woman… Though I don’t have to change my personality (because this is really impossible), nor be hard at people (this is not necessary to be a
good leader, and this is not the kind of leadership that God want), I believe I  gained respect in the workplace.

World’s view is different from Word’s (Bible) view. God places kings and queens in His Kingdom! I believe He can do the same thing with us. I believe that God
promoted me at this point of time because He wants me to fulfill His purpose in my life. That is to honor Him and be a blessing to every nation.

Like Queen Esther, “So he set a royal crown on her head and made her a queen.” Esther was surrounded with favor ever since the search for a queen begun. From an ordinary lady in her town to being the Queen of the land, who saves her people. Only God can do this kind of transformation. That is when we allow Him to change us and allow her to work in our behalf.

4 thoughts on “Crowned

  1. Congratulations on your promotion! Your blog helps me connect with you. I don’t get to talk to you a lot but through this blog I feel like you’re personally telling me your life’s journey. I miss you, bes!

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