What’s in my Bag?

I love http://www.femalenetwork.com feature “What’s in A Bag?” They look into local celebrities, editor, students, models bag. I always have this fascination of whatever inside their bag. Ladies bag and everything inside it expose most of her personality. Aminin, we can’t leave our house without that large tote or small bag. So i also want to share mine, Here’s what’s inside my bag recently…


You can find, eyeglasses, discount coupon vouchers, F21 sunglasses, car keys, Pei Pa Koa candy, Doublemint Gum, Company/University ID, One-2-One booklet, USB, hairbrush, highlighter, Maybelline Face Powder, Faceshop BB cream & brush, Nature Republiq eyeliner, hand lotion, Human Nature sanitizer, tote bag, colored & plain lip balm, dental floss, Mango wallet, credit/debit cards, facial tissue and coin purse.


My dependable Mango Croc bag carries it all.

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