Lola Mileng – Survivor of Life

ImageMy last Lola alive just passed away last Saturday. She died at 87, and i believe she lived a fulfilling life. Sad that we will miss her but I’m happy for her, because I know she’s ready to face our Creator. She even told me the last time I saw her that she want to go, she’s done, “quota na ko” she whispered. So deep in my heart, I believe she’s happy to bid goodbye.  As we end our conversation I lead her in a prayer of acceptance, and she repeat my prayer. I believed she was save right at that moment.

I rarely see Lola Mileng,  I remember during my childhood days, I only got a chance to see her when Tatay bring us in his ancestral house in Angat, Bulacan. When I was a child I don’t like her, because she speaks loud and harsh to us, and she smokes. I’m not used to see older woman who acts this way maybe, that’s why! But growing up, i realized how much she love us all – her grandchildren. My Lola taught us to make Sampaguita necklace offered to Saints, she used to sell Sampaguita in Angat Church when she was still strong enough. She survived and was able to send three of my cousins to school because of sampaguita and ylang-ylang in her backyard. Though I only have few memories with her, I love my Lola so much. I admire her strength, being a young widow, she was able to raised her 5 boys well and even sent three of my cousin to school. Even at her old age, she choose to live independently from her children. She’s a survivor! May you Rest In Peace Lola!

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