Be Prepared! Get A Life Insurance

Death is one of the most tragic event in one person’s life. But it is a reality that we have to accept and prepare for. Our life on earth is temporary, and at one point, though we never know when, we will all die physically, either face our God our Creator in heaven or face Satan in hell. To receive the gift of eternal life in heaven, we must believe that Jesus died on the cross for us, accept him as our Lord and Savior and give our life to Him. John 3: 16 says  “For God so loved the world,[a] that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” Besides death won’t matter anymore when we live our life to the fullest while we’re here on earth.

I’ve experience close family deaths in my entire life, my youngest sister Jing-jing died when she was 2 yrs old because of complications, my father died at 48 yrs old because of stroke, my Lola Silang died at 83 because of complications brought by her diabetes, my Lolo Aser died at 48 because of stroke, and recently My Lola Mileng died at 86 because of asthma… Death is really stressful, emotionally, physically and financially, yes financially, if we’re not prepared for it. I remember when my father died, we spent all our savings and we even have to sell some of his stuff in his machine shop just to cover the expenses incurred during the wake and burial. When my lola died, we seek help from our well-off relatives, when my lolo died, we even have to avail bank loan and pay it for 2 years to cover all the expense. In the Philippines, you will spend 70k to 150k bucks on death, that is when you belong to middle class.

When my Lola Mileng passed away last week, we experience less financial stress because I was able to avail St. Peter Life Plan last June. Though I have to pay the full amount balance (which supposedly payable in 4 1/2 years), if you compute the total cost, it’s 70% cheaper when you spend outright. Besides, staff in Binan and Pozzorubio (Ms Emma, Mr Llamas and Lorna) are really nice who assist us and my uncle. I’m not selling life insurance here, I am not an agent or something. All I want to say is that let’s be responsible, let’s plan, we don’t want our family to suffer financially after we die. We need to prepare for death both spiritually and financially….

I suggest that you start early, get a Life plan from, for only P588/monthly in 5 years or P27,000/5 years. You may contact my sales agent Lorna Reyes, Mobile 63-916-8560845.

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