It’s Cha Time!

I’m addicted to milk tea since last year! I even made it as my final paper for two of my courses in my MBA. My favorite is Cha Time. Cha Time opened it’s first franchise in the Philippines last year. My first Cha Time encounter is in Landmark. I really get curious on the long line ordering bubble tea, some maybe their first time like me and some are addicted to it already. It’s really a hit! My favorite is Pearl Milk Tea and Cocoa Smoothie.


I’m so happy that it finally opened it’s first branch in the South. Finally i can get my favorite pearl milk tea anytime i crave for it in Alabang Town Center.


And lately opened another branch in Molito. Now our new favorite hang-out place when we want to have a break from office stress during lunch break and after work.


Cha Time has evolved in more than a year of its operations, aside from tea they are now offering coffee and snacks (fries and chicken strips) Get addicted to it too! Pick up your order now!


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