Is There Anything Too Hard for the Lord?

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?” I will return to you and at the appointed time next year and Sarah will have a son.” Genesis 18:14

Sarah is in doubt that she’ll have a son because she’s way old already. The Bible says she’s old and well advance in years. That’s why she laughs when Abraham told her about God’s promise to them. That she will bear a child and they will have a son. I imagine Sarah telling Abraham, “Hello Lord! Are you kidding me? Me? Delivering a child? C’mon Now!” But God says “Is anything too hard for me?” Why did she laugh about it? Sometimes I’m like Sarah, I think like her, practical or I lack faith. I forget that my God is so BIG and POWERFUL that He can do anything, even impossible things for men. Today, I am confident to know that my God is really POWERFUL, nothing is impossible with Him.

In this verse, God emphasize the “appointed time.” He could just allow Sara to get pregnant immediately when she heard her laugh, to prove that He can do it and He mean it. But the Lord choose to do it in His appointed time that was “next year.” Good for Sarah that God reveal to her His timelines.

I’m slowly grasping the essence of waiting for Gods perfect timing for everything. As I wait for God answers to my prayer, I can’t help to be like Sarah, fearful, and sometimes doubtful. Whatever breakthroughs we’re waiting for whether its in the area of finances, relationships, career or health. Remember, God hears us, and there’s nothing too hard for the Lord. The season of waiting will bring us to change (cool change) patience, optimism, contentment, determination, deeper faith and closer relationship with God. Though, unlike with Sara the promise we’re waiting from God don’t have a timeline. We can rest our confidence to our able, faithful and loving God who knows the best for us!


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