My Boracay Adventures

It was my fourth in the beautiful island of Boracay and I will always come back. The good thing about Boracay is every time you visit, there’s always something new to try! A new hotel or resort for your accommodation. New restaurants for your gastronomic appetite, and new adventures to try out!Image

My July trip in Boracay is a business + leisure trip. It was a 3-day conference with Monsanto colleagues and another 3 days just bumming around the island with my friends Mae, Nanette and Donell.

We had a chance to try extreme (as if) adventure in Boracay. We had it all free, we’ve got this as prize from our team building. I try both buggy car and ATV ride with my colleagues. It was so hot! First, we have to try it in a rough road for a minute. We have to test proper combination of gas and break. Then we get it on, in the street, along with other vehicles travelling around Boracay.


Then we try Zip Line at Mt. Luho.


I thought it was scary, but it was fun and relaxing experience.


Now it’s time to try harness and hydro zorb. But before that, Manong is a good photographer. He took us photos first and even direct us with our poses!


Now this is it, finally after 2 years! Harness Zorb! I can say this was the most nerve rocking experience I’ve ever had. This is worst than Disneyland’s “Space Mountain” and Universal Studios “The Mummy.” I think I died for 20 seconds. OMG!


Of course, Hydro Zorb is always fun! The three of us just roll around and laugh our hearts out!


Photo Credits: Mae Angeles

” A life without adventure is likely to be unsatisfying, but a life in which adventure is allowed to take whatever form it will is sure to be short. ” -English Proverb

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