I Love Serenitea

My love for tea started with Serenitea. Thanks to my ex-colleague Ghia who share her love for Serenitea. When Serenitea open it’s branch in Alabang Town Center, Ghia brought us there and treat the girls with this not ordinary cup of tea. I love the way this Serenitea allow customers to customize drinks. Aside from various flavors, customers can choose sugar level, ice level and sinkers.


I remember my first cup – Okinawa Milk tea, 100% sugar, less ice with Pearl. I’m not a tea drinker, but when I tried this, it’s really good! I never imagine that tea can be this good! I don’t even taste that “herbal medicine” bitter taste I hate in a tea. Then my all-time favorite is Hokkaido Milk Tea, 100% sugar, less ice with pearl.


Me and my niece Maxinne at Serenitea branch in Newport Mall. Surprisingly my pamangkin don’t like it.


Max and Jell at Serenitea Newport branch, while waiting for our orders.


Serenitea Nuvali Solenad 2 branch (pictures are part of my on-site observation for my Final Business Plan).


Visit Serenitea website for the complete list of branches: http://iloveserenitea.com


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