A Letter to Self….

Dear 21 year old Jenice Joy,

It’s just 6 months ago when you finally graduated from college at PUP Taguig. And you continue working with TIPS… I know how excited you are for the next season of your life; you have so many plans in mind. You just listed your short and long-term plans. Those consist with things you want to buy for yourself and your family, mostly the ones that you’re deprived of when you’re young, goals you want to achieve and the path you want to take. You’re very optimistic, passionate and determined to fulfill your dreams.

You’re in the right track girl! I encourage you to never stop hoping and dreaming, no matter what happened don’t Imagestop! Few months from now, you will experience a great pain, a pain of loosing a loved one. Your friend, your number one fan, your encourager, the best “tatay” in the world. He will have his last breath with you, right in your arms. As if he was telling you that he wants you to be in-charge for the family, for nanay and Jell. Because of this lost, this pain will make you strong, so strong that you’ll be independent from others but so much dependent from God! God will be your dad! He will be your greatest source of strength, grace, wisdom and comfort. You’ll run to Him when you’re down, you’ll cry to Him when you’re hurt. You will seek comfort from Him when you’re tired and weary. From then on, you’ll be the family’s breadwinner, you’ll replace tatay and you’ll be strong for nanay and Jell. And guess what? You can do it! Amazingly, God will work in your behalf!

Then get ready! God will open doors of opportunities for you. I know you just want to work and remain as an ordinary employee. But God has greater plans for your career. He will call you to do things you cannot do on your own. Each decision requires faith, so increase your faith and trust God more! He knows what’s best for you. Soon you’ll be leaving your job in this small non-profit organization. You’ll start working with multinational companies; your background in IT will be your advantage. You’ll meet different type of people from all walks of life.  Your work will bring you to different places, around Philippines and Asia and soon around the world. You’ll enjoy your job, you’ll have fun at work but for sometime you’ll reach your comfort zone and start to get bore. When this happens, you’ll start praying & looking for more challenging job opportunities. Jenice, you can love your job, in this way you’ll excel, but don’t love your company, because you’ll never know when company stops loving you. Just be excellent at work, honor God by doing more than what is expected from you and for sure God will reward each good work you’ve done. By the way, you’ll also pursue graduate school at your dream university, this one is not in your plan, but God made it possible for you, this is part of His bigger plans.

Remember, you cannot please everyone and you don’t have to! So just do something that you know is right and pleases God. That’s your purpose, you exist to honor God.

Now let’s talk about love… I know you’re so in love right now and you think he is the one for you. I just want to remind you that you should also honor God in your relationship. Jenice, enjoy this season of singleness, you only have 10 – 15 years to do so, the rest of your life you’ll spend it with a partner and with your kids. Don’t allow your world to revolve only with that man. There’s a beautiful world out there waiting for you. You have your God, family, friends and career opportunities. Savor every moment with them too! Don’t settle for less than you deserve dear. You’re a princess, you’re valuable and you deserve more than this. You should be pursue and not the other way around. I know you’re independent but you should allow yourself to be pursued! Don’t focus too much on your romantic relationship so that when its time to let go, it will be less painful for you. Don’t worry, God will replace him with the one who’s best for you, just wait, God is writing your love story. A love story with a happy ending!

On finances… Be a good steward! Tithe and Give! I know you want all these stuff – bags, clothes, shoes, gadgets and travel. These are not bad things, you can have it, but I encourage you save and invest first and make your money work for you first before buying this. Sacrifice now so you can enjoy your future. With this principle you can save yourself from debt, money rat trap and poor money mindset. Start thinking like rich people and you’ll find yourself as rich as them! Again, don’t eat everything from your harvest, save some seeds for sowing so that it will multiply. Remember, we are called to be rich not just to satisfy our selfish desires but to be a blessing to other people.

Lastly, keep that desire in your heart to know God more. Be independent from others but be totally dependent from God. Without God you can’t do anything. Trust God wholeheartedly. Trust Him only. Life is not about you, it is about Him. Always honor God and share His love to everyone. Shine and be a blessing!

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